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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Today’s successful businesses are those that act as a Social Enterprise. Vital Group of Industries is a leading and vital example of it! We take a holistic approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is not an isolated function for the VGI rather it is manifestation of the overall vision and mission of the VGC.

The socially responsible advertisements that we place in the mainstream media are reflective of VGC’s approach and philosophy. The advertisements mainly reinforce the positive values of the society, such care for the weaker segment of the society, love for family, hard work and national identity. Where it comes to the ‘educative’ role of media, we believe that VGC has set the trend for others to follow.

CSR at VGC is quite diverse and covers many social domains such as providing financial support for;

  • Marriage arrangements of girls from poor families,
  • Health care,
  • Plantation and development of parks (Green Pakistan),
  • Improving educational infrastructure in the vicinity,
  • And many others.

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