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Basmati, also known as the Queen of Fragrance, is internationally eminent for its exclusive aroma, delightful taste and long, slender grains. A popular commercial variety, it is perfectly aged, non-glutinous and has a fine, smooth and silky texture It is nurtured and raised tenderly in the fertile plains and lush green fields of Punjab, Pakistan, the only piece of land where Himalaya's fore lucent rivers emerge and feed to grow basmati Basmaniowes is essence, aroma and taste to the misty Himalayas. It is a nature's gift to Pakistan and the world

Vital Rice

Vital Basmati rice is an exceptional class of Basmati distinguished by its exclusive aroma and superb taste, harvested and produced traditionally in the foothills of Himalaya and cultivated with Himalayan river water, processed and graded to the highest standards and most advance techniques, and packed using state of the art technology to give you hygienically packed rice

What's Special in Vital Basmati Rice?

Superior paddy procurement State-of-the-art processing at the largest integrated rice processing facility certified against 8 standards Hygiene and quality protocols uncommon for this category Superior packaging.

Vital Sella Rice:

Parboiled rice gone through different processes before milling. It is soaked, steamed, dried and then milled to remove outer hull. This process gelatinizes the starch in the grain and is adopted in the mill to harden the grain, resulting in less breakage, thus ensuring firmer, more separate grains. Consumers and chefs who desire extra fluffy and separate cooked rice favor parboiled rice. Vital Sella Basmati (Parboiled rice) consists of extra long and hard grains. Well known for its volumetric transformation when cooked. It is ideal rice grain to cook biryani, zarda and pulao.

Vital Steamed Rice:

This variety of rice is prized for its premium quality, unique aroma, exquisite delicate texture and extra ordinary length, which can be as much as 8.25 mm (uncooked). This unique rice with its longer, whiter grains has a beautiful subtle aroma. When cooked, grains are light, fluffy and separate.